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Why Choose Us?

2019 Survey results are in!

See below why our students and families enjoy our studio and why you should too!

  • I love how the studio connects with the community. The instructors are talented, positive and demands the best.
  • I would return and recommend. Staff is friendly & helpful, class size seem small, so more individual attention.
  • The energy in the studio is always positive. The instructors care about the students and show that they want to help them learn new dancing skills. And the staff is very helpful.
  • It is a friendly and welcoming environment to learn dance, which can be quite rare. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate.
  • This is the only studio in the area that is truly diverse and has a strong family atmosphere. The instructors and office staff are amazing! And, tuition is within reason.
  • Very encouraging environment. I feel every dancer is embraced for their gift and encouraged and nurtured to be the best they can be.
  • My child grew as a dancer in a few months with the excellent instruction.
  • DMSODA is so much more than a studio – it’s a mission field for empowering dancers to elevate themselves and their peers above common or selfish interests. When we sit at the recital and watch, we are excited to see the growth skill and technique FOR SURE, but we walk away each year mostly thankful for the grace and discipline and maturity we see developing in our precious child’s mind. That’s what keeps us proud to be a DMSODA family!