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Junior and Senior

(Ages 11 – adult)

The Junior & Senior program is designed for the student who is just beginning to explore dance or for the student who has been dancing for years.  At this level there is a continual focus on technical development, exploring new dance styles, and individual expression. All classes will be available in-studio and virtually through Zoom.

  • Ballet & Pointe: Classical ballet based on the Vagonova (Russian) technique. Correct form, placement, alignment and proper execution are all emphasized. Students advancing to pointe  readiness must attend at least two ballet classes per week. Pointe candidates must be at least at the Junior intermediate level. Please see your ballet teacher in reference to your pointe readiness.
  • Jazz : Jazz is an American art form where various styles may be  taught including classic through contemporary styles of today.  Emphasis will be placed on technique and proper placement. As students advance, more complex concepts are studied including leaps, pirouettes and other turns, musicality, and endurance. As always,  proper technique and form are taught for a good foundation.
  • Tap: Tap is an expression of feet and mind.  Timing and rhythm will be developed through classic and rhythmic tap style. Our program starts with strong foot and ankle development and builds to complex phrasing and syncopation.
  • Contemporary Modern: Dance that explores movement, space, and rhythm. Through improvisation dancers learn to express their own creativity while learning the techniques of Graham, Limon, Horton and Taylor.  It is an important style for adding depth to the dance experience.
  • Hip Hop: Hip Hop dance is a high energy, fast paced, athletic free form dance style.  Street dancing and jazz technique are combined to the latest hip hop/rap, pop, and R & B songs.
  • Liturgical Dance: See West Chester Dance Works Annointed Too.
  • Lyrical Dance: This style rooted in a combination of jazz and ballet technique, challenges dancers to use stylized movement to interpret music, lyrics and express emotion. This class develops dancers’ ability to fluidly connect movement and grow in expressiveness while dancing in strength, skill and high execution. Dancers ages 10-up are welcome to enroll. Pre-requisite: 2 years ballet, jazz or modern. 
  • Strength and Flexibility: This new class uses floor-based exercises, deep stretches and repetition to build strong muscles and increase dancers’ flexibility. The weekly session requires dancers to warm up before entering the studio and to attend regularly for maximum results. It is recommended that this class be taken with a technique class where results can be utilized.